An Ode To Eyebrows

I loved this Ode to Eyebrows! Amazingly lucky to read about Kate’s journey … wish I’d noticed my poor old eyebrows wandering away … I’m lucky that enough stayed for me not to look so naked … I get that it is the hardest thing – when I finally noticed I begged the rest to stay, they did but that’s more likely chemo finishing not wishes of them staying. Like all of us I only have one wish! Go away cancer and never come back!

Cancer Cans

I miss my eyebrows a lot. Even more than I miss the hair on my head! They managed to hold on throughout my first lot of chemo, but disappeared pretty quickly with the weekly infusions of Taxol I’m having at the moment. From what I can gather talking to other cancer patients, eyebrows take a while to come back after treatment finishes too, so I guess they’ll be MIA for a long while yet. My eyelashes are abandoning ship too, which has left my eyes feeling pretty dry and looking rather raw! It’s certainly a challenge to look at my reflection in the mirror now and feel comfortable in my skin; a true test of my humility, I guess!

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