Rainbow fruit tingles and me!

There are things in your memory, sometimes you don’t know they are there until something drags them back.

As part of my chemotherapy education hour Marisa handed over a pack of Fruit Tingles and I kind of went OHHHHHHH! I remember them. 

They are from my childhood memory, my mum must have given them to us or I picked them when we got to chose a treat. 

They are given as a way to help with the metallic taste – a side effect from the chemo.

I’m so very lucky, I’ve had three days of metallic taste with the third dose and a few days on and off with this last one. My taste buds are wandering all over the place, tonight chocolate was ultra salty, amusing. Coffee was off last weekend but thankfully back to normal now. 

Anyhow here is a rainbow one from a pack that was more rainbow than not – unheard of!



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One Response to Rainbow fruit tingles and me!

  1. Queen of Quotes says:

    Hee hee I LOVE fruit tingles, but I’m thinking I love your photo with fruit tingle even more!!! QofQ

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