Last chemo …

… yahooooooooooo!


No real allergic reaction, I felt odd but no heat, no pain, yay me!

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7 Responses to Last chemo …

  1. I’ve just realised, seeing your picture here, that we met at Look Good, Feel Better in at the Epworth a few weeks ago! You were the lady out the front getting ‘made-up’ for all of us! Yes? Congrats on your last chemo! That is WONDERtFUL!

    • purplesus says:

      Oh my goodness I did wonder if we were at the same day! You were on my left two along next to the lady with the amazing curls weren’t you? How funny! Yep I’m thinking it is wonderful. Getting gene test results tomorrow, keeping everything crossed its a negative for my sister!

      • katelharc77 says:

        I’ll keep everything crossed too. Hoping it’s neg. Have you got much family history?
        I wish we’d talked too! It was kind of a weird morning I thought. I wasn’t myself…I’d just started down the whole hairless route and was finding it all pretty traumatising. I’d tried the cold cap and it was too painful and nauseating to continue. Anyhow…after LGFB, I ended up getting the courage up to shave, and went out and bought a wig (from the same wig lady) and a few headscarves. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.
        Lovely to sort of meet you then, and also now. Are you finished all treatment now, or is it on to rads?
        Kate x

      • purplesus says:

        Mum diagnosed at 35, my sister at 32, a great aunt and two of my grandfathers cousins but only one who it took!

    • purplesus says:

      Oh now I wish we’d chatted

  2. Purplesus says:

    Oh Kate I missed the main part of your comment, soggy brain, weird eyes … who knows how I did that. So glad you went out and embraced a new you, I laughed so hard through that morning, I was with the right friend to do that, the wig lady was great but my poor head was so sore and itchy from falling out hair … I had already decided to embrace the no hair thing, good on you for at least having a go at the cold cap. Xo

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