Fatigue …

… you are a friend I could well do without … the thing is I am naturally lazy, at times bone idle lazy … this last treatment bought the same side effects, itchiness for four or five days, not fun as the hair is coming out, lots of little red spots on my scalp and permanently itchy head and legs, most unamusing … bone and muscle ache just a little for a day or two … an infection in my arm where the IV went it, red burn type skin, not pleasant but clearing up now … and then there was the fatigue, unrelenting, mind numbing, coffee needed to get places, legs and knees aching, can’t walk but once around the block, making noises when I stand up, not doing anywhere near enough to keep me occupied, shattering FATIGUE! It lasted three to four days the first time, this second time it lasted three days, then I was out and tired and walking slowly but at least out and about (make up and scarves and wigs at Look Good Feel Better program) for one day, then I had to sit to do things around the house, I could get to the personal trainer, then faded as we walked or worked out, then needed an espresso from her to have the energy to wake up and get to the next meeting, seriously I have used coffee to get me places for nearly two weeks. then I had a chat to a friend, who asked about red meat intake, could I be lacking in iron and might my blood not be making itself enough as it should – the answer to that I will find out tomorrow morning – so I ate meat and on Tuesday last week I came back to real life, doing things and getting about without the fog ,,, very enjoyable, but I’m still tired … prepare to start again and wait and see what this one holds.

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