Wall to Wall

Have been slack on the Daily Prompt thought I should fix that!

What do I display on the walls of my home β€” photos, posters, artwork, nothing?
That is exactly it!
I have photographs from Florence the very first time I went there. We were caught in a summer thunderstorm and climbed the Duomo for these views. They are teamed with an artwork given by my brother and his wife from their trip to Florence.


I have a bare wall in each room and I love the bareness.

Then there are some artworks.

This one from an exhibition of cut outs, bought because it reminded me of the paper dolls I had when I was a child and my mother’s apron!

I have series of these fairies from the 1920’s bought for their beauty, especially this frame!

A tile bought fur the colour and because I knew it would be beautiful on my wall.

How do I chose them?
Easy I loved them they seemed to just go!
What mood was I trying to create?
I’m not sure, memories, smiles … haven’t really thought about it.

Daily Prompt – Wall to Wall

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