This thing …

… this journey …

Each year I promise if they find nothing this time then I’ll look after myself better. Why does it take that kind of bargain in my head for me to look after myself I wonder?

So this year they found something, two somethings, one proved to be a rude little 11mm, hiding amongst some cysts right at the back, not able to be felt but it showed as a distortion on a 3D mammogram.

I am thankful for the sharp eyes of a radiologist who noticed and had 1&1/2 hours of ultrasounding done until both things were precisely located.

So in a fuzz of movement I headed to the surgeon. So the 3D machine has lots of false positives you do need to know that … yep well I’d rather know than not so let’s go what do we do?
Biopsies next Monday!

This is me, still smiling as the hook wires get sorted. Interesting things, inserted right in to pinpoint the exact place of each thing.

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