I’ve been a lazy writer this week …

… I’ve been working …
… and avoiding germs this week …
… oooops I’ve forgotten to write …
At breakfast today a friend reminded me and gave me a little poke – You should be writing everyday through all of this.

So …. today was the first day of the school year for kids at my school and I wasn’t there, it was odd. I’ve been at this school nearly nine years, not missing one first day with the kids, seeing the preps, welcoming the new families, smiling and marvelling at how much some kids had grown over the summer holiday.

My friends and niece made me not miss it today, for this I thank them.

My niece had stayed over, my friend came with coffee & hot chocolate for us and we made our first breakfast and his second! We chatted and laughed lots, the two of them a fair bit at me, cheeky buggers!
We went for a walk – something I need to do each and everyday more and more and more! As we were walking we chatted about nonsense and stuff, we are okay with that, we are also okay with quiet but I’m not always good at shushing up!

She started to clean my house while we were gone and took great delight in putting piles on my bed for me to SORT!

Huffing and puffing I waved off that friend and sat on my bed starting to read, and sort a pile into other piles, she rolled her eyes! Magically soon after two other friends appeared to take me out to lunch.

She kept cleaning and kept making piles and to my absolute joy she wrote me notes!





And I think my favourite note! Shhhh don’t tell her I haven’t done it yet but I did listen to an amazing podcast with Kurt Fearnley and Will Anderson!


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