Something So Strong – my best friend

I’m reblogging this now as these two will help me through this little hiccup in my life, they will stand by me holding my hand and laugh with me through the silliness or laugh at me and take photos of me looking a fool.
I am loved and I love … my friends and family … how lucky am I to have picked perfectly!


Purplesus' Blog

My best friend and I came together because of our work. She was a quiet shy teacher and I was this rather loud area leader. I supported her, offered ideas and suggestions, we learnt from each other and I helped her with the naughty boys. That was over 15 years ago now. I don’t know at what point we decided we would be friends, I try to remember, to pull some strand from my memory to put a time on it but it eludes me.
We have stories, our shared stories, we have things we say to each other …
Me: “Hold on, nice boys don’t kiss like that.”
Her: “Oh yes they f*&^ing do!”
Her: “What wrong you?”
Me: “Him foot me!”
Us: “I carried a watermelon!”
Nonsense to others but filled with meaning for us, her and me.
We are friends.
We are best friends.
She brings me…

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