So last Friday night …

… we went out to dinner with my lovely cousin Steve and his wife Kelly. They came down to Notting Hill and we wandered, ending up in the Ladbroke Arms (a good suggestion we received earlier in the week).


And just because it was the last day of term, I did what has become a tradition … I had a Jack.

Cheers my friend!

We had a delicious and delightful evening, great wine and food and fabulous company. Steve has always been a darling and his Kelly is brilliant – we took an instant liking to her.
Steve is the youngest child of one of my mother’s brothers – the Ballarat mob – who we are really quite close to – the relationship just picks up whenever we see each other again. I am smiling now as I write remembering all the family times we have had as the Bride family.

Anyway we laughed and chatted for hours.

A pot of whitebait with sweet chilli.

Lamb … melting

Cheesecake that we shared, me and Emily … if there had been more room we would have had one each, it was very tasty!

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