Today I stole two hugs …

… somedays that is all it takes, the opportunity to pinch hugs, one is just expected now, but then I thought no I think I would like another … so I took it and bonus the person smelt nice …

The thing is smelling nice is important in my life, I pride myself on smelling decent each and everyday, helped along by Dior … sometimes I see someone and I smile to myself and this little thought pops into my head … I bet you smell nice!

There has always been a thing about smell for me … the smell of a brand new baby, delicious and salty and special … the ability to inhale someone you find irresistable, someone you are attracted to, nuzzling into the nape of their neck, closing your eyes, exhaling fully and then slowly filling your self with the smell of the other … hmmm how did I get to that image from stealing hugs on a day that got on top of me?! Who knows!

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