When the lesson didn’t go to plan …

I remember the time it took us to plan this lesson, we decided to use The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle as our prompt for maths. We took a lot of time preparing, it was a grade of 56 preps, taught by us both. We loved them, they were cheeky and fun.
About 15 minutes into the lesson we realised that they were totally disengaged, we had read it so wrong this was not going well. On another occasion we had made them hold their hands in the air, one on each side of the paper and rip, screw it up and throw it towards the bin. On this occasion we decided on a different plan … we ‘cried’ ….
“We tried so hard… ”
“You don’t appreciate us … ”
“In fact you don’t love us at all, that’s it we’re going home!”
We packed our bags and we left the room.
To say the children were shocked is an understatement.
They followed, all 56 of them …
“No you can’t!” they cried …
“No, you don’t love us, we tried so hard to make that a good maths lesson, we’re going!”
They followed us to the car park, mouths open, yelling … “You can’t!!!!”
We got in the car and drove out of the car park.
This was a school that took up an entire block, so they followed along the fence line, yelling “Come back!” “We do love you!” “Don’t go the principal will be so cross!” “Please come back!!!!!”
Half way around the school block, just as we would have turned off to leave all together we stopped and wound down the window.
We winked and smiled.
“Do you love us?”

My second school, my first team teaching situation.

Great Expectations

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6 Responses to When the lesson didn’t go to plan …

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  4. Inger :-) Queen of Quotes says:

    OMG…I love it.. can’t believe you did it, but so wish I had been there. I too would have called you back like those Preps! Q of Q 🙂

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