I didn’t get Jeffed*!

I’ve always had a social conscientious, I like to think it is something I got from my mother. I believe in social justice, that the government should provide assistance and support and I’ve always said I’m okay with my taxes going to ’causes’.
In the 1990’s in the yeas when Jeff Kennet was the Premier of Victoria, I stopped work quite a bit. I was at the mass rallies, I marched and I cheered. I was genuinely frightened for state schools and the education that we could provide with less support, looking back now those changes were nothing compared to what was to come.
I remember my brother quoting Midnight Oil to me one day when I was getting dejected … “It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.” That has stuck with me and I use it often today. At some point even if you can’t win, you have to fight!

The Power and the Passion – Midnight Oil
Lots will have opinions about The Oils and Peter Garrett, politics and selling out, etc. but I still love this song and all it stood for.

* To get Jeffed – the description of schools that vanished in this time – my high school and primary school got Jeffed.

Daily Prompt: Fight the Power

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  10. araneus1 says:

    The last school I taught at got jeffed

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