Why can’t we be friends?

The art of befriending a new person … hmm now there is a thought. How do I make friends? That is such a good question.
I asked some friends recently when did they know we would be friends, I got fascinating answering and I am about to ask why they are my friend – goodness knows what answers I shall get from that one. I did marvel at where my friends come from – Where do your friends come from?
I suppose I watch people, I listen to people, I see how they react, I see how they are with others, I guess I share … sometimes over share when I feel comfortable, I talk to them and when they are really my true friends I ask them questions and take time and thought to get to know them. How can you have a true friend who you don’t know really well?
I know what my friends are afraid of.
I know what makes them happy.
I know they can be relied upon and they know I can in turn be relied upon.
I know the naughty secrets of one friend.
I have told one friend things no one else knows about me.
I know the deepest darkest secrets of one friend.
Sometimes your friends are in your family and I love that about my life.
How do I make new friends? I’ve done that a bit in the last few years, maybe how I make new friends is I watch for the sparkle, the note of recognition and I jump in and see what happens.

Daily Prompt: Why can’t we be friends?

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20 Responses to Why can’t we be friends?

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  18. mammaspeaks says:

    Sometimes even I wonder how did/do I make friends…my school friends are still with me..though we may not meet in months or years, we still talk regularly and be a part of one another’s life. But making new friends at this point of life doesn’t come easy. I have my own stands and they theirs, it’s difficult to grow onto some person so easily. Sometimes I wonder if I am trying too hard, and then I immediately step back. Sometimes I am happy with my solitude and sometimes the need to have more friends itches me a lot.

  19. purplesus says:

    I wish you luck! I am finding my friends and I are finding each other … it is a rather lovely serendipity!

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