I walked until …

I walked until the stars came out, enjoying the warm air and the last of daylight savings … I shall miss you, I feel my mood moving to change … I am staying in Melbourne all winter this year. How to make it warm and cosy and exciting, that’s the thing!




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5 Responses to I walked until …

  1. Ah, my friend, if you’re new to Melbourne you certainly may find the winter a challenge! I know I did, when I moved here three years ago. But perhaps you’re not new to Melbourne winters?
    We have different attitudes to the end of daylight savings. I’ve just been writing about how, for me, this morning is one of my favourite mornings of the year: an extra hour’s sleep, for free! Knowing that in the week ahead, every morning will feel like a sleep-in, is a big bonus for me. I enjoy light outside in the evenings, but I really enjoy the end of daylight savings. Light mornings! Extra sleep! Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • purplesus says:

      I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life but the last three or four years I’ve managed a month in Europe in our winter and adding to my daylight savings time!
      Ahh the extra hours sleep, I never say no to that but the light makes me feel alive and like my job doesn’t eat all of my day. Coming home in the dark puts me in the mind to just sit as the day is done. Mornings and I don’t play well together but the light might make me actually wake up on time!

      • Fair enough! I’ve lived here three years and the first two winters were killers. Last year was a bit better, but (a) it was an easier winter, and (b) I spent most of it in hospital, lol (no, literally, for the four months of June through September I spent as much time in hospital as at home).
        I’m hoping this year I’ll cope better with the grey skies, etc. I’m taking a positive attitude into it: yay!

      • purplesus says:

        I hope winter treats us both kindly! I am looking forward to wearing scarves and hats!

      • There is that! ๐Ÿ™‚

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