Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Lady


What makes me jealous is time. Time given to other people when I want your time. I had never thought of this, but reading the prompt it came into my head immediately … I’m jealous of time … that’s a little odd and it makes me screw up my face a little in thought. Whose time am I jealous of? I could make a little list, you are on it and you and you.
Why am I jealous of your time? What right do I have to your time? When did I start being jealous of your time?
Questions I can begin to answer – when you told me about a new friend, when you had to do something else and not hang out with me, about four years ago and no right at all but jealously just is really it isn’t related to right or wrong, it just is.
So I guess I’ll shrug my shoulders and suck it up … and enjoy the time I get, remember the time I get, value the time I get.

Daily Prompt – Green-Eyed Lady

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