Brilliant Disguise – Pretending to be a friend

I found myself in a new job, taking a call from my old boss. It was odd immediately, I’d picked the call up in the staff room and stood there listening incredulous.

“I’ve been told that you have been publicly ridiculing me, to anyone who would listen.”
I was stunned and anyone watching would have seen the furrowed brow as I tried to work out what he was saying.
“Listen you know you shit me to tears, just like I drove you crazy. You know we are so totally different that working together wasn’t going to work out and that’s why I got a new job. But seriously you must know me better than that! My mother bought me up better than to bad mouth people in public. Yes I said things to my friends just like you would have said things to your family and friends. But not once in public did I every say anything bad about you or how you worked. I’m actually quite surprised that you know me so little that you think that is how I operate.”
He fluffed about, “Oh yes well I knew it wasn’t right but you know … blah blah blah …”
On hanging up the phone I rang my closest colleague …. “You are not going to believe this …!!!”
And so the hunt began trying to find out who the hell of the small group of work colleagues, my friends had decided to corner my old boss and whisper in his ear. It took a few months but in a chance conversation we found out.
The boss had asked a few others about me and told them how disloyal I was, with one friend when asked saying hold on no that’s not right, what made you think that? And out it all tumbled. And so she was revealed.
My reaction, apart from a fair bit of fabulous swearing and name calling (in private!!!!!!!!!), was to shun her, dismiss her, pretend she was invisible. That worked until she moved to a neighbourhood school … now I pretend and leave conversations quickly sharing nothing.
Why didn’t I confront her?
She was so unworthy of my time and she remains so today.

Daily Prompt – Brilliant Disguise

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5 Responses to Brilliant Disguise – Pretending to be a friend

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  3. vicbriggs says:

    Ah yes… the pretend-friend. It’s never pretty when it happens, but the truth will out.

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