Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

For the longest time my friends told people I was 34, they had met me when I was 34 and so I stayed 34. No thought of anything different entered their minds, it still makes me laugh that so many people in this group of friends don’t believe me when I now say I am 50.

And just there, right then we see the problem – that number … look how feckin big it is … fifty … half a hundred … a number I took a long time to plan for, mainly by talking about having a party for at least the last three years!
People in my life have moaned about getting old and my short sharp retort has always been … Get old or die, pick one! Age has never worried me, I have always not given a toss and so the surprise that this week it is not sitting well with me, why?

I celebrated turning 50 by undertaking a festival type collection of four events, each glorious and joyfully filled with love. It was at these celebrations that I discovered much to my surprise just how much I was loved, how much I was admired and it was through these events that I moved on and believed how fabulous I was. I have had friends but always found it a mystery that they liked me, loved me even … there are lots of psychological reasons if you dig around a bit but really why bring it all up, just know you are loved and move on. And as for this nonsense about that glorious number fifty …
Suck it up princess, get old or die … pick one!
I will always pick getting old.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

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7 Responses to Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

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  2. litadoolan says:

    Good twist at the end and superb advice!! ;-D

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