Daily Prompt: We Built This City

My city, a beautiful city on the river, has always been my home. I belong here, I feel right here, walking the lane ways, riding a tram, sipping coffee in a cafe watching the city walk by.
In this city of mine by far the most loved place is the Royal Botanic Gardens.
I come for adventures with my sister and her children, the little guy had his first visit here when he was about 6 days old. We sit on the grass or the chairs, we look at the vistas, we walk, we play hide and seek, we read, we laugh … mostly we just love our adventures in the Gardens.
I smile as I write, I’m remembering taking my nieces, now 19 and nearly 16, on a fairy hunt, we found a wand and a fairy walking stick, we kept them in the basket used for the market for years. We have had birthdays here, we have wandered off and played frisbee golf in the park across the road until dark.
My youngest nephews are slowly being introduced to the Gardens, their favourite is hide and seek with their big cousin, the apple of their eye. And then there is the Children’s Garden, magical place we have watch grow over the years, even the big ones still love it!
Lately we haven’t been enough, this summer was too hot to sit much out on the grass, but we went twice with reduced numbers … plan for next holidays get them all to come along!


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