A Beautiful End to a Scientific Inquiry in Grade 1

I love watching kids learn through Inquiry!

The Learning Journey

So we’ve just gone through a wonderful inquiry. We’ve been looking at how we view things through scientific eyes. It’s a lot about skills and concepts. One of the more important concepts of this unit is ‘Function’. (If your a PYP school this sounds familiar). What is the function of thinking in a scientific way? Why and when do we think this way? Yes this is a process. Yes is this a cycle. We often end up with more questions after we go through a process of scientific thinking. It’s almost an inquiry cycle.

The big skills were:

  1. Observe carefully in order to gather data

  2. Use a variety of instruments and tools to measure data accurately

  3. Use scientific vocabulary to explain their observations and experiences

  4. Identify or generate a question or problem to be explored

  5. Plan and carry out systematic investigations, manipulating variables as necessary

  6. Make and test predictions

  7. Interpret and…

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