The night of the vagina stories … so be warned!!!

So tell me what your good vagina story is … confused look from friend … tell me your good vagina story!
These words came from the girlfriend so not likely to speak like this and with a straight face … after her drunk husband had told her there was a great story … snort!
It was indeed a great story but not about vaginas …
And then the stories continued flowing …
‘When I went to the sex shows in Thailand … ‘ this from the least likely of my girlfriends ‘… there was a woman who popped balloons throughout the room with darts that came from … ‘ then she continued with a story about coke and bottles … one full litre coke bottle, one empty … whoosh up went the coke and whoosh into the empty bottle it went … slurped was the word she used!
‘What the …?’
‘We have no words!’
‘What muscles do you use?’
‘I’ve been camping before and I don’t know about the … it’s not as simple as getting it back in the bottle!’
Sooooo much snorting laughter!
Then came the story of the woman knitting with wool she had placed in her vagina … ‘It’s online have a look, she was in a gallery, it was a performance piece … actually I know about it because your husband shared it online!’ There was pointing and more snorting laughter, also a look of horror from one friend!
Seriously funny night with my best friends!

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