So last night …

… was my nephew’s birthday and we had a family get together – dinner & HIDE & SEEK!!! Yahoooooooooooooo!
We had:
a) hours of fun
b) a visiting grandma on her hands and knees hiding under a desk in a dark bedroom
c) grown men folded into linen cupboard shelves (see photo) – pushed in by their mothers who close the door after them!
d) one ten year old nephew pushing a 4 & 1/2 year old nephew into a shelf in a cupboard and then covering him with linen to try to hide him better!
e) me in three separate dark cupboards
f) one niece folded into a shelf in a wardrobe sending texts like ‘Come and find me!’ It should be noted it took a good five minutes when everyone else was found trying to find her in a normal sized house with limited hiding spots!
g) my brother pretending to be an armchair (see photo!)
h) more laughter and giggles than I have heard since the last crazy game!
i) the question – how are we gonna do this in the new house – it’s tiny with no cupboards!
j) me wondering where we are all going to hide tomorrow night when it’s my niece’s birthday!




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