Where do your friends come from?

Sitting amongst my closest friends last night, seeing in the New Year as we always do, together sharing great food, laughter, music and a drink or two – I was compelled to contemplate – Where do your friends come from?
This group that I am a part of – The Happy Gang – are all connected by the boys who went to school together – at almost 40 that is a cool connection for them all to still have I guess.
We are also connected by a lovely serendipity.
My best friend and I worked together – her husband is one of the said boys … one of the girls has a boss who is a good friend of mine (coincidentally) and one was in education but is a lawyer. The connection of the four women is absolute – we would do anything for each other.
There are those who come in at various events and times of year but the core seven remain all year round – well seven plus six kids.
And then there is the friend I’ve dragged along a bit, he is accepted, he’s funny and a ratbag (like me) and they all like him a lot, ask after him, want to see him more … I’m keeping him from my current workplace … a magical kind of find, unexpected but pure in its acceptance and total lack of judgement …

… what is it that makes you decide this one I am keeping? The sparkle in the eye, the recognition of self, the ease of conversation, the trust that easily develops, the hidden connection you can’t quite define …

… friends are a great thing …. I’m very lucky mine have chosen me!









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