Today I got my first Christmas present …

It came from the lovely L… who was headed off to Korea tonight. He told me yesterday and I said,”Oh be sure to come and say goodbye before you go. And if it’s okay I might pinch a hug!”
Such a beautiful boy, not been happy for the last year or two at school but more smiles than not now.
He came in all smiles, “I’ve come to say goodbye!”
I smiled and jumped up from my paper filled desk.
He was wished a safe trip, asked a few questions, given a hug and an I can’t wait to see you when you get back.
He grinned puffed out his chest and left with a Bye!
After the bell went on my way to do yard duty there he was coming down the corridor, “I forgot to give you this!” and thrust a bag into my hands.
So sweet … will update this tomorrow with a photo of my Christmas lolly bag!


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