My house is surrounded by scaffold …

I arrive to see the driveway and the front path blocked with erected scaffold. I note the piles on the lawn and am glad I arrived home before night had fallen.
I looked and noticed a small in and out up the drive so I hauled my 25+kg case, knapsack and bag up the drive around and under scaffold.
I take a look at the back steps and realise that no there was no way to drag the case up. In fact I am looking trying to figure out how to get up to my back door any time over the next three weeks!
I go around the back guiding the case through the piles of not yet up scaffold and realise the path there is totally blocked so … I haul it all out front again, drag the case across the lawn to my front steps and see yet more scaffold built over the stairs. I swore, lots and my favourite words.
I shall take photos tomorrow and also share how the hell I actually got into my house!!!

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