Gion Corner, Kyoto

… watching a young Maiko dance … small movements, graceful and mesmerising …













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7 Responses to Gion Corner, Kyoto

  1. moushifj says:

    Oh wow! She’s Maiko Momokazu-san! I didn’t realize she had transitioned to Kofuku hairstyle already! She really has blossomed into a beautiful young lady, yet is still super adorable, even when she’s being very serious~ Beautiful pictures! You captured her very well ^^

    • purplesus says:

      Thank you, I’m pleased to know her name. I was thrilled with the photographs and that they did her beauty justice.

      • moushifj says:

        Lol no problem. I’m glad I could help you with her name ^^ Personally she’s one of my favorites. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of her dancing in at Gion Corner as well as Maiko Mameroku-san, who is also very cute ^^ If and when I go to Kyoto I definitely plan on going to Gion Corner and also the Gion Higashi hanamachi ^^

  2. Inger :-) Queen of Quotes says:

    WOW…words cannot express how beautiful, peaceful and soulful she appears! Well captured Sus! Ing

  3. Susanne Lowe says:

    Thanks Ing, I was rather pleased with the photographs. x

  4. Mandy says:

    It’s wonderful to see these beautiful photos again!

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