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Crazy is working …

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Life, He Said

I loved this post!

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It continued with a wish …

He watched her sleep for awhile, He leant close so her breathe caressed his cheek. He smiled. He moved his lips to her ear and whispered …

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It started with a kiss …

… as she lay sleeping the lips brushed her cheek, she kept breathing deeply, oblivious to his lips touching her skin.

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Look what I got sent!

It made me grin! I love it! She’s clever that Q of Q!

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Pete Murray makes me …

…. smile and think of you … and him and his muscles when he was on Spicks and Specks and Myf melted! Myf gets topless but it isn’t rude it’s just funny!

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Okay so this is the story of a Ferris Wheel …

Once upon a time someone in Melbourne decided to build a giant Ferris wheel, with big gondolas, a bit like a mini but still big London Eye. They started building, it was going up, lots of us looking quizzically at … Continue reading

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I need to be smart enough to …

Go to bed and sleep early! Dammit!

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These clouds made me stop the car …

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And …..

“Hold on, nice boys don’t kiss like that!” One of us will just say that, yes yes yes okay I say it! She has the next line ready though! Is swearing allowed here? Grins!

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