Life on the bus as compared to life on the Tube …

On the Tube people don’t look at each other, they almost go out of their way not to look at you. I love looking at people and want to take them all in, like the glorious black woman who just hopped off at Marble Arch. Tall, voluptuous in a long tight orange dress, long golden nails, glistening gold glasses and curls all piled on her head. I wonder if anyone even notices me noticing everything?
I think I should spend far more of my life a) walking & b) watching people!
Of course the joy of the friends I have is they too like watching and noticing people!

On the bus today I was gestured to sit and told to let my legs dangle by a rather talkative red haired Irish woman. Who then chattered non stop only half comprehensible about the woman across the way who had spent the entire bus journey painting her face, la de da! No make up at my house, who does she think she is painting away … young things age of ten … I’d like to emphasise that the lady I was next to was probably late 50s and the one doing the painting also that age.

Hmmm turning 50 this year I realise I am not so good at the late middle age woman age guess thing, is it because I don’t want to think that I look like that?
Another joy of my friends, mostly 10 years younger than me is I can pretend I’m only 40!

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