Memories from a neon

I saw this on Friday night …

And it took me back to childhood family holidays!
My grandfather worked for Pettigrews, they were a paint company and he drove a truck for them. Each Christmas he would pack the truck and the family would go camping, first to Barwon Heads then when the kids had grown up to San Remo. When the truck was unpacked there was a canvas tent with two bedrooms and a main area. There was a fridge and stove.
We would go to Phillip Island to a caravan park and visit often!
I remember long neck amber beer bottles, I remember Melbourne Bitter which I think was my grandpa’s drink of choice! A dinner out with a friend earlier this year made me think of that memory! This weekend is bought to you by …
I remember walking along the pier, before the fish coop. We would go done when the boats came in and grandpa would pay for fish and the kids would walk back with these huge fish draped across their arms. I can smell the battered fish being cooked right now as I write. I can almost imagine the taste!
I remember crayfish being bought, kept in water alive, then cooked over the fire. I love crayfish, maybe it started then.
I remember being at a pub in San Remo and my mum ordering oysters, a dozen, a luxury and she loved them. I remember her smile, happy days!

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1 Response to Memories from a neon

  1. Inger :-) Queen of Quotes says:

    Nothing more precious than wonderful memories and best of all they can never be taken from you – they are indeed eternal and shine on always. Enjoy! Ing

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