Some people can just make your skin crawl …

Sometimes you just feel uncomfortable immediately with some people, you know what I mean?
I was at the local supermarket tonight in the queue and two men were loitering, one went looking for something, the other looked, at the people. There was something NQR immediately, I looked away as the looker smiled at me. Then I saw them in the next queue being served, they just didn’t sound or look okay at all. I was very pleased they headed to the liquor section as I left and quickly popped into my car to drive away. Most people would say they were just average blokes, but no everything in me screamed get away from them now!

What is it that makes us go … nope you are not quite right? I don’t want anything to do with you at all! I’m not going to trust you, not sure why just am not going to!

I remember reading something about children and their instinct for people, saying don’t force them if they recoil from someone or refuse to speak to them or interact with them, perhaps they sense something. Who knows maybe they do ….

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