Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

Daily Prompt: The Full Moon.

A long dinner with friends, too much delicious wine, friends spread throughout the house, sleeping, warm in their enjoyment of an evening together.

The clouds parted and the light flooded into the darkened bedroom …
Eyes stirred, body rolled, the light of the moon nestled against her cheek …
She pushed back against the body behind her, nestling in as the moonlight had on her cheek.
Letting out a long breath her eyes opened, to take in the light, to take in the body behind her, she lay knowing so many things about him, but imagining still more … this one she had known for years, this one who shouldn’t be in her bed …
A smile flashed across her lips, she turned to watch the moonlight rest on his sleeping face.
Her finger touched his eyelashes, her hand moved along his cheek and rested on his lips. She stared taking in the features of a face she knew so well, a face that for the first time she was seeing at rest …
She moved her face slowly closer, staring … her lips brushed his, soft and quick … retreating watching and waiting … when he didn’t stir she moved again, her lips dancing across his, lightly exploring … she heard his breath catch, opened her eyes to see … he looked back at her, staring, staring for minutes, then the moon and the twinkle in her eyes took him back to her lips …

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