I’m expecting a Bianca Fest!

I’m with B of the Fridat night!
We’re talking her school Trivia Night and apparently there is only one option … that is to win!
We’re researching! Jon Bon Jovi and other such on Max, I’m not taking it seriously I’m in trouble!
1980’s theme! She’s over the moon! Gonna wear a dress her mum wore in the 1980’s as a bridesmaid … Oh my god!! She has photos from her 30th magic!!! We are laughing so hard, our friend dressed in a white suit, fake tan and wig, shoes no socks 1980’s tv presenter Greg Evans.
So in a couple of weeks I hope to have bad 1980’s style shots of us!

Oh my god! Or as B of the Friday night said shitty shitty pooh! Superman has got bad teeth! No boys you have to have good teeth! She’s right you have to have good teeth! If they’re bad that’s huge bad teeth up there on the screen! We’ve switched to Graham Norton, we are amused!
We love Graham Norton! He’s told Amy Adams no using the C word on telly in the UK, he has two dogs to feed!
Ahhhhhhhhh! My arm! My arm! She’s grabbed me and we’ve both gone holy hell! Henry Cavill in The Tudors! Oh yes!
And in news to stop the presses Russell Crowe has won me over, he has a lovely smile!
Hmm now the singing singer, no on lots of levels, I’m old! She’s wearing pointy yellow claw nails!
Ahhhh the Stories in the Red Chair! We love em! That’s funny that is!

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