Paul Kelly and his songs …

… they fill my soul with joy.


I sit smiling, waiting and knowing no matter what he sings I will know it and there will be a memory attached to it or I will sit eyes closed letting the song wash over and through me. I’m out with friends who I love, who I know will feel the joy just like me. Sitting in the second row means I can watch his face, he smiles throughout the evening, the joy he has from playing his music with this group of musicians shines out from the stage.

I’ve written about music before, once specifically about PK.
Magical music and feelings of pure joy
Music fills my soul with joy

This was the Spring and Fall tour, the first part of the evening was this song cycle, start to finish. There are some beautiful songs in the cycle, for me … New Found Year, Someone New, I’m on your side are the stand outs. Just writing about them makes me smile and I hear them in my head, love love love when music wanders in my head, keeping me company.


The second half songs he wanted to play … what a brilliant way to spend an evening!

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