A Sunday in London

A yummy tapas lunch at The Norfolk Arms … then off to the Propaganda Power and Persuasion at The British Library. A walk down Marylebone High St. A great way to spend a Sunday.





The Propaganda exhibition was fantastic, I had not thought about how widely propaganda is used and for so many different purposes.

Highlights for me –
The definitions and dummies as you entered the exhibition – a great way to start your thinking as you enter.
The way the exhibition was set out developing from Origins to Today.

The use of monuments and coins as propaganda to gain support for and continued acceptance of monarchs, leaders and dictators.
The books, posters, cartoons from many different countries and cultures and times … loving an historic document!
The books and posters from the Nazi party – listening to oral histories of Jewish survivors and their understanding of the use of the press against them in the Third Reich.
The Uncle Sam wants you poster – I had no idea it was from WW1
The scarf showing the bombing sites of London WW11 – designed to lift moral and show life was going on.
The use of leaflets and pamphlets – seeing examples from many different countries and times.
Seeing the log of a pilot who flew missions and dropped leaflets in WW11. I love old documents! I love to see the humanness of the people, their handwriting.
Seeing the Iraq war playing cards, disturbing
The weapons of mass destruction and Axis of Evil speech by George W – of course this was propaganda – slaps palm to forehead!
Gaining an understanding of exactly how and when propaganda has been used, actually taking the time to think about it.
Understanding that it can be used for good or evil, the health aspects were interesting – I had thought of theses types of things as always just health warnings, promotions and not propaganda – the poster about getting baby out of the cot and pram and letting them stretch their limbs like all good mothers do was a classic!












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