David Bowie is watching you


Everything about this exhibition was magical.
I love photographs.
I love costumes – clothes, things people have worn.
I love music.
I love film.

Entering this exhibition I started to listen and read, taking in all the influences on Bowie, learning about his early life, listening to the music and smiling … realising I knew so much of it and sang along in my head – unlike one woman who sang out loud for the entire exhibition!

The photographs gave me beautiful images of Bowie’s development and the changes in his many phases.

The last two rooms – the huge video walls in the second last room, I spent quite some time in … watching, listening, singing, smiling, amazed at his beauty. Flashes of costume and moving image and music.

The last room on the wall on the right as you entered a series of photographs over the years. My favourites from very early, young and smiling and then from 2000.
More costumes, his 50th birthday golden great coat, a beautiful eye catching piece … but my eyes were drawn more by the shining emerald satin boots with matching tie … the colour!

What I leant he is beautiful, he has a tiny waist, his music has been in my life often, he has been influenced by others but more so has influenced others. The Periodic Table of Bowie
being the perfect way to end.

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