Staring out the window I realised ….

… I don’t think about other people, other places, different lives nearly enough! There on mountains, dry looking there are glistening little towns and villages. What is glistening? A tin roof? Mosques?
I watched a river wind between hilltops and roads running alongside then up and around the hills. Who lives there?
What is their life like?
As we fly at Mach 0.84 over the top of them I’m trying to read this map, heading towards Istanbul past Tabzhon, where is that? Names I have never heard of unfold before me.
What is life like for a teacher in this part of the world?
What are their worries here?
Reality check for the complaints we sometimes make and hear.
Our life, my part of the our life is easy in comparison … first world problems … a good mantra to judge things by me thinks.


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2 Responses to Staring out the window I realised ….

  1. Brian Searle says:

    I do like that mantra!

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