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The weekend is bought to you by … #1

… Michael Leunig, enough to make me remember why life is delicious after a ratty week at work.

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Yarn bombing …

… you made my day! Driving to work at the start of the week and there you were in all your glory. The photo does not show your beauty and joy. I hear you are all over town, 80+ trees … Continue reading

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And the night falls …

Dusk be my favourite colour of the sky, in the far horizon distant there is a lightness still, but the rolling darkest blue spreads across the rest of the sky. There for me as I walked was the sky waiting … Continue reading

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Why would you not look up?

Making me smile …

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Tonight I screamed at the telly …

… to be accurate I screamed “Noooooooooooo!” at the bigot on qanada. She deserved to be told she was wrong and she could object as much as she liked to the book on Islam in her local school – WE … Continue reading

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When clouds make you smile …

… you get to smile a lot! This morning driving to work I looked out toward The Dandenongs to see clouds enveloping the top of the hills and floating in the valleys. I smiled.

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B of the Saturday night …

This is the sound of my soul … I know this much is true … True by Spandau Ballet I’m not in love … 10CC We are officially old as Smooth FM is singing us our songs!

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Lying here I could be …

… I could be anyone, as I lie here at night, settling my breathing, listening to the rain and then hearing the sloshing as it runs in rivers off the garage doors. I can be my ideal me, with an … Continue reading

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