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Dear Mum …

Daily Prompt Hi Mum Dear Mum, Although you’re long dead these 36 years I still think of you often. Lots of times on birthdays and special occasions, sometimes on normal day to day occasions. I still remember the hardest thing … Continue reading

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Hair of yesterday and …

… as well as Hair of the Day – from two 9 year olds – we have an ‘Oh good god you are kidding me?’ look from a grown up who surely doesn’t look in the mirror of reality and … Continue reading

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And again I say look up!

On the way home, Wishing I was on a cliff Getting a clear view Of you in all your glory!

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We make a difference!

Meet Rita Pierson … she believes every child needs a Champion! Her message is why I LOVE my job, why I have ALWAYS LOVED MY JOB! We make a difference! No matter how tough it gets, hold onto to that … Continue reading

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Look up … point and tell everyone else to look up!

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I missed it ….

I forgot to look, I saw them when you walked in, They didn’t stick, How can that be? I love those pants, Wrapped around your arse, Wiggling and dancing down the path, You should throw all the others away and … Continue reading

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Blue skies nothin but blue skies …

A clear blue sky, sun shining and a warm breeze. Autumn in Melbourne today and tonight people got excited. Driving home with the car window down I smelt sausages! The sun and clear skies made everyone realise there was time … Continue reading

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Shoes of the Day

Found these at work this morning! I really do need to look about more! Am excited about heading to London again as there are some fabo Shoes of the Day there!

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Football at The G

Memories of going out to Waverley Park with Dad, hmmm did we all go? I remember my brother in his Magpies jumper, I have a beautiful black and white snap of that. Today was worlds away from that in the … Continue reading

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Autumn in Melbourne …

… and astonishingly I’m off to the footy at the MCG. Should be an interesting day, it’s been years!

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