Dear Denis Napthine

Dear Mr. Premier,

Do you think you might be able to do us all a favour? I promise it would make all of Melbourne smile. In fact it would make us all sing.

I’m high on the hill looking over the bridge to the MCG,
And way up behind the clock on the silo says 11 degrees,

I remember, I remember

I’m breathing today the month of May all the burning leaves,
I’m not hearing a sound my feet don’t even touch the ground

I remember, I remember,
I go leaps and bounds,
I go leaps and bounds,

Part of Leaps and Bounds by Paul Kelly, you know it don’t you Mr. Premier? We all do! Please have the electricity turned back on and pay the bill so we can all grin and sing when the clocks on the silo say 11 degrees.

I remember … we all remember!

Kind regards,
Someone who wants to sing again!

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