This weekend is bought to you by …

… the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, well actually one act from it!
Swiped my Myki card, watched Collins St whiz past the windows of the tram and alighted at the Town Hall all colourful and lit. Stepping off the tram I could hear the little cymbals cling cling clinging, Hari Krishnas! As a child I always heard them coming every time I was in town. They were so strange to me as a child, something to steer clear of or to be steered from. How odd but of the times that is when I look back on it now.
I grinned as I saw my friend wave and then do a sly little dance to the chanting



The lift at the Town Hall has an old cage around it, not unlike the one in that apartment in Rome … dreamy look moves across face ….

We saw Hannah Gadsby and we laughed so much it hurt. A good measure of a show I reckon!

A walk in the cold to dinner, a chat about all sorts of nonsense … a sip, that first magical sip of bourbon, I grinned at him and declared, “Mmm there’s nothing quite like that first sip!”
I always have a little mmmmmm moment about then.


Another childhood memory sitting here at the bar … Melbourne Bitter long neck amber bottle! This memory brings a Pettigrews Paints truck, a huge canvas tent, boiling crayfish in a pot over the fire, walking up the pier with couta that lay across our outstretched arms, family and San Remo,


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