Dinner with the Book Club

A lovely evening with the bestest of friends. Our Book Club started with an idea from one of the four of us but I think she was hoping for a proper sensible Book Club not a ramshackle laugh a lot chatter crew with a few books thrown in!

When we went through the list tonight we have read quite a few.
– To Kill a Mockingbird – great start to the club!
– Some un-named awful thing I suggested but didn’t read and it was atrocious!
– The Help – it was about now she realised we were a shambles and were not going to be as serious as she’d hoped!
– Hmmm something else I forgot and might have pretended to read!
– Something else – oh my brain is so soggy!!!!!!
– Little Coffee Shop in Kabul – really good story, we enjoyed this one!
– The Happiness Show – loved that one!

Now we are gonna have a go at The Vogue Factor.

Dinner was really delicious at Brown Rice and I got to bring home an elephant!




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