Ahhh B of the Friday night is watching The Logies!

I don’t know how we missed it!
Holidays and the Logies have coincided! We can watch it all and text like crazy but we could have been snorting with laughter together at her place!
We have commented on dresses, shows, dodgy choices for winners and she even asked if it was okay to lick the telly!
I love her guts she makes me snort with laughter!
Some things the world should realise;
Adam Hills is our favourite!
The ABC are magic!
Olympics on free to air was shite!
Carrie Bickmore’s dress is beautiful.
Michelle Bridges looked fabulous!
Hamish and Andy are silly but we like em.
Cardigans on men are underrated!
B swears more on text than real life!!!
Bruno Mars being called a mega star is a worry don’t they have to have monkeys?
We wondered if The Bubble had a sore throat?
Joel Madden makes us smile … is that wrong?!
We decided Molly looks good and we were pleased with that!
We laugh at the same things!
We love Julia Morris!
Jennifer Byrne is so beautiful, the perfect dress!
Rhonda! Rhonda was on the Logies!
Matthew Le Nevez could make either of us lick the telly!
Hamish says Andy smells nice, I am a sucker for a lovely smelling man!
We stayed up for a stupid silly show and two newspapers spoilt it by telling us who wins Gold! Surely not?!
Ahh Deb Mailman we love her … it is great to see the indigenous representation in this year’s awards, excellent TV!
Redfern Now do yourself a favour and check it out!
Logies/Twitter combo interesting!
There was more it was funny I promise but its late, I’ve had wine and should be sleeping!
So that’s enough you must all be sick of this nonsense!

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