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There is a time in every lazy Saturday where …

…. when you have to decide if it’s worth even getting out of the pyjamas, I mean they are kind of like clothes, sort of. Will the neighbours mind as you’re at the washing line? How badly do you need … Continue reading

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Some people should smile more …

Or perhaps that should be I need to see more smiles! Last night I arrived at my sister’s place and watched my nephew jump out a window, race up the stairs and dive into the open car door. His hug … Continue reading

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Music fills my soul with joy

Songs of my life … Don’t Dream It’s Over …. Won’t Give In … Private Universe … To Her Door … Dumb Things … New Found Year … Finn and Kelly lyrics floating in and out … smiles and tears … Continue reading

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Fitzroy Storm Glass

I thought it was broke no crystals did I see, then look what happened tonight!

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Paul Kelly and Neil Finn live on YouTube right now people!

Loving listening to this concert in the cool of my house, unlike the 35+ from The Palais a few weeks ago. Stop mucking about here and go and watch!!! YouTube Live loving it!

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Memories of my childhood … again

Happy Gang got together for dinner tonight, this was filled out after dinner. I grabbed it. I closed my eyes. I shook it. I remembered. I smiled. Postscript After it was opened Rich went “Oh it isn’t smarties!” I went … Continue reading

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Where do you go with this?

Here it is … Scorpio … me, my bestie and my boy bestie – laughing as I lie here in the dark writing this. In my mind whenever someone says my best friend about more than one person I do … Continue reading

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So Pete Murray was worth the 2 hour drive to Ballarat ….

Worth the trip to Ballarat for an evening of beautiful songs, a few goosebump moments and a pure voice.

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And to my everlasting delight a Friday is again spent in the company of B

A little of Will and Grace – sprinkled with some footy! What the hell is that about? She knows them all, they aren’t even her team! One of these players has a hair cut that elicited a WTF! Oh good … Continue reading

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So the liking of Pete Murray …

Drive to Ballarat -tick Cheer at gangster park out front of The Regent Theatre – tick Look very pleased when shown to the front row – tick Advise friend he could blow kisses to his man crush and he could … Continue reading

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