And to my everlasting delight a Friday is again spent in the company of B

A little of Will and Grace – sprinkled with some footy!
What the hell is that about?
She knows them all, they aren’t even her team!
One of these players has a hair cut that elicited a WTF!
Oh good lord she’s even hissing when goals are scored!!
And quiet little swear words when they do something wrong and even a muttering go go go!
Making me shake my head!

Watching Graham Norton … OMFG we said something really outrageously funny. As I typed the start of the sentence I froze … what did we say? What made us laugh? Ahhhhh! No idea! We are losing our minds!
When one does lose ones mind where does it go?
Is it sitting on your shoulder resting, watching you phaff about wondering where it went?
Or did it pop to the fridge for a little drink?

“He’s not an attractive man.”
“No, but he’s clever!”

“A Shetland pony called Valkyrie … good name choice!”

Boo wacka doo …. why I love B … things tickle her fancy and she laughs so hard until she can’t talk and the tears stream down her cheeks. Her reaction, with continuing snorts on and off for ten minutes is so magical!

Come Dine with Me UK – bogan filled, food poison inducing, oh save me!!!
Talking about her husband’s leopard skin thong as she waves it about.
Tom – I need to flush my mind out with bleach!
Me – Your mind? My eyes!

And we click back to the footy –
Grrrr noooo! Jonathan Brown go get your guts!
Best thing about him he named his son Jack the rest is Shiite!
That’s all pretty crud, what happened to Carlton?

Fashion Police oh good lord!
Here’s Honey Boo Boo – there are no words!!!
And so another Friday evening draws to a close. Not as funny as usual in terms of recording the snort worthy moments but I’m still tired from going out to Ballarat on a school night!

Declaration of the day – Men should wear black nail polish because I really like it, lotssssss!

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