Watching the BAFTAs with B

My friend Bianca makes me smile and laugh and I love hanging out just the two of us watching telly. We outlast her kids, in bed ages ago, her husband who copes with our hysteria, shrugs and vanishes.

We snip and snipe … oh Lordy Sam Mendes reminds her of Joe Hockey … I’m snorting with laughter!

Why is Stephen Fry’s face all crooked? So says husband and disappears.

Ahhh Sally Field … is it wrong to say that I still see Sister Bertril? She’s lovely and doesn’t look plastic that makes us happy. Officially ace in general, she’s general aceness apparently.

Moonlight Kingdom … you must see it a sweet and beautiful film.

Oh Quentin could you just fix your hair?! Nice call B! And his shirt is untucked I mean really could you have bothered just a little?!

Have just received a lecture … surely I can see the Joe Hockey thing …
B: I investigate faces for a living you know!
Me: No you don’t! You’re a teacher for a living!
Sigh it’s only just started and she’s lost it!

Lots of hair mutterings …
B: It’s a special event run a comb through your hair people! A little bit of effort please!

Me: Prometheus … that sounds familiar.
B: It’s a brand of interactive whiteboard.
Me: Snorts coffee.

Me: The little man is getting up at 5.30am?! I’m off home … huggles B x

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