Some people speak English without actually speaking English!

Sitting in my favourite cafe, having a late breakfast and finally feeling like the jet lag may have sorted itself out. Which is rather wonderful as 5.30am and I are not friends!
So I was there having a lovely read when I stopped at the sound of the conversation next to me… this is it … unedited and astonishing in its lack of English.
“They were talking about a few somethings, they were a bit of wealthy.”
Just in case you didn’t notice, that is not English!
Now she hushed her voice but not because she realized she was speaking not English but because she was gossiping about the bit of wealthy people.
Lordy McGordy …
“They all think I’m snobby but I’m not I just don’t want to talk to them! She’s blaming what happened with her husband on me, nothing happened with her husband and me.”
In audible blah blah blah!!!
“I mean he just liked to massage me!”
At this point I shook my head and muttered … what a nutter!
“They all cheated on their husbands …”
Sudden topic change with this …”I mean she’s an unhealthy size 6!”
There is a healthy Size 6? At this point I gave up on them … went back to my eggs and my book.
But vowed to keep up my listening into conversations when out and about.
Was at this cafe that I heard two young men, one from US one from Canada, talking about what the issue was with Americans and why they seemed so annoying to everyone else … apparently it was the fact that they narrate their lives … out loud for us all to share! I did notice this in London. Interesting observation.

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