I really do like that feeling of waking up and realizing I’m in London

Woke up gently and listened, unfamiliar sounds and then realized … I’m in London!
I am in London.

The first time I came to London I remember sitting in Trafalgar Square with my back to the wall looking at my hand pointing ….. okay so Australia is here … moving my finger all the way around the other side … and London is here! I’m on the other side of the planet!

I got exactly the same sensation this morning, waking and realizing I AM IN LONDON!

I love London, the look of the houses, the chimney pots, the buses, the taxis … even the pedestrian crossings. They remind me of an old jigsaw that my grandmother had, brings back a little childhood memory that makes me smile and gives me that hum of goodness that memories give you.

So lots of photos are on there way to you, some random, some specific, some by luck …


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