They got the flick …

They got the flick … well it is 38ish degrees in Dubai and they were bunching and stop looking at me like that! Will move my feet non stop for the next 7+ hours I promise!

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6 Responses to They got the flick …

  1. Roe says:

    LOL – surprised you made it out of Tullamarine with them on! Aspirin again before you leave please…

  2. purplesus says:

    I took one this morning! Forgot Tuesday night before I left, so took two halves total … doing well aren’t I Nurse Roe?!!!!!

    • Roe says:

      Shocker… Add another half each time you have clotted cream… The clots should remind you… Say happy B Day to HRH from us!

  3. purplesus says:

    Will wave at her for you, flotilla might be a bust if it is indeed 11 and raining Sunday, she’s bound to see me if I wave at the telly!
    You aren’t serious about the extra tablets are you?!!!!

    • Roe says:

      If you are serious about the cream teas… It won’t hurt, esp. as it doesn’t upset your asthma. I don’t want the ass end of a peacock and some very disturbing religious artifacts to be your last images on this mortal coil… Kiss Hazza, Lord he is CUTE!

  4. purplesus says:

    You’re funny! Asthma gone to hell today after days of good and yesterday we walked for an hour or more … haven’t done that in ages! Grrrr back on me drugs tomorrow!

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