What makes you smile?

The question being asked of everyone, the answer alone will make you smile.

And so the list began …

remembering I am loved

the moon

Christmas lights


giggles of babies and kids

remembering it is Sunday and rolling over and going back to sleep

the smell of new babies

the Southern Cross

phone conversations with no real purpose that just go on … and on

writing that and thinking of today’s chat

balloons in the early morning sky


that first sip of bourbon

the colour of the sky just before it turns to night black

thundery stormy skies … like this one …

a nice arse

that arse in those pants


my girls

boobs – made me laugh and be filled with joy at the pure honesty – lunatic fella!

the people I love

your texts – winning answer that one!

being asked what makes me smile

tickles – this from a seven year old – heavenly!

that answer from my child – tickles!

My boyfriend

the smell of new football boots

my kids, my wife, cavaliers

anything not to do with work


when i get a little boot in the ribs from my baby boy, nice to know he is safe and sound!

my bed

a field of sunflowers

a naked man

a camel toe – this delightful additon after I sent a text saying that Camel Toes should be outlawed, did she not look in the mirror before she left home – the response, maybe it makes her smile!

finding things we did together

watching Charlotte try to teach Lachlan to do dib dibs

when i am out with the kids and listening to what they are up to

when I get to the cafe and hand over the coffee card and my coffee is free today

sleeping for 6 hours on first leg of flight to London!

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