I nearly fell off my chair…..

Read CD NOW! was the email ……. so I grabbed for The Age on an average Wednesday filled with interesting creatures……..and all it took was the little line on the side near Catherine’s face “If you loved yourself you would vajazzle”

Now being a girl of the 70s and 80s I damn well knew about the Bedazzler and instantly realized the connection. I grabbed for the phone and heard the burst of laughter at the other end of the line as I said, “Oh my god!!! You are kidding me!”

The laughter kept up as I hung up to read ….. having been warned that coffee had been sprayed across the office so be sure to be empty mouthed when reading.

I laughed and laughed and laughed then dialed again …. laughing so hard I reckon his work colleagues and mine both thought us mad! Quoting my favourite lines, Glomesh Island won’t get out of my head!

It got me thinking, what would be the male alternative? Perhaps something called pedazzle, I thought on it way too long and then sent my friend an email explaining the delights of pedazzling including waxing, attachment of spikes a la the echidna or porcupine on smooth hair free skin, then gems moving up and around in a spiral direction to the tip which could be topped with an optional tassel. Silence ensued…… stunned silence me thinks. I did include a picture of the Bedazzler and its metal studs and staples….. mmm what a way to decorate your bits!

Check out Catherine Deveny in The Age newspaper each Wednesday

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